Description of the painting Jacopo Tintoretto "Creation of Animals"

Description of the painting Jacopo Tintoretto

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The painting of Jacopo Tintoretto depicts a classic biblical plot. The artist opens the veil of secrecy for us, the audience, and allows us to see the moment of the creation of the world. The main role on the canvas is assigned, of course, to the figure of God. Artists quite rarely found the strength to take on the image of the great Creator, but Tintoretto with obvious admiration and audacity took up this work.

It is believed that for Tintoretto the most important thing was to convey to people the meaning of the picture and plot. In the center we see the figure of God. He extended his right hand forward, as if making his way and indicating the direction to the surrounding creatures. God soars above the earth. Around - an eagle of majestic golden light, which further emphasizes the solemnity and importance of the moment. The clothes of the Creator develop slightly in the wind, as the masterfully traced drapery of fabric tells us. The red cloak is the brightest spot on the canvas.

The artist depicts three animal habitats at once - water, sky and earth. Moreover, all these "worlds" are carefully separated from each other. Sky and water are separated by a horizon line. Animals living on land, as if a tree blocks the road and does not allow to approach the water. It seems that the artist depicted three completely different worlds, universes, which are united by the image of God.

Flocks of various birds fly in the sky. It is important to note that all birds fly in two, which refers to the phrase from the Bible: "each creature has a pair." Tintoretto has always lived near ponds, so the fish is of particular interest to the artist. The master skillfully painted every inhabitant of the sea, carefully depicting various species of fish. Here you can guess sturgeon, crucian carp, perch, pike. The remaining animals are not drawn in such detail.

The nature in this picture was not particularly important for the artist, so we see a little messy brush strokes that create only the outlines of the shore, trees.

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