Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “The Return of the Peasants from a Winter Funeral”

Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “The Return of the Peasants from a Winter Funeral”

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In 1880, Vasily Perov painted the painting Return of the Peasants from a Winter Funeral. This was a turning point in the work of the artist, who decided to reflect in his work the everyday life of ordinary peasants. It would seem that this topic for work is boring and unremarkable, but Perov was able to very accurately convey to us with the help of canvas and oil all the emotions and problems of the poor of that time.

The painting The return of peasants from a winter funeral is endowed with special features of grief and sorrow of ordinary people, whose fate is already predetermined without the right to change. To give deep tragedy, the author depicts a string of people walking from a cemetery to a winter blizzard. There is nothing around, everything is covered with snow, only nothing and a terrible cold.

It is in the paintings depicting the funeral that Vasily Perov chooses a snowy winter for the landscape, when everything around seems to have frozen, and the sky is covered with gray, heavy clouds.
In the foreground of the picture we see people coming from a funeral. Their faces are open to us. The author, therefore, wants to show the whole gamut of feelings, heartbroken people. A special role is assigned to an elderly woman who is led by her hands, because she cannot control her body.

Looking into the face of a peasant woman, you can immediately understand that the funeral for her was a great test, which she could not survive. The facial expressions of the rest of the funeral participants are endowed with feelings of complete hopelessness and the realization that their life is just a meaningless existence. In the background of the canvas, we see elderly men with shovels. They also walk silently with their heads drooping, accepting all the bitterness and routine of death, which is also inevitable for each of them.
In his painting, The Return of the Peasants from a Winter Funeral, Vasily Perov very accurately conveys the quiet grief of the poor, who are accustomed to unhappiness in their lives.

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