Description of the painting by Nikola Poussin “Adoration of the Magi”

Description of the painting by Nikola Poussin “Adoration of the Magi”

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This picture is one of the most popular works of the French artist Nicolae Poussin. Such a religious plot has been duplicated many times by other masters, since biblical stories are fanned with a halo of allegories and allegories, and this is a favorite moment of sculptors, artists and poets.

The picture tells us the story described in Matthew. Magi, from the East, led by a star, went to Bethlehem in order to look at the King of Judea - Christ, born of the Virgin Mary. King Herod desired the death of the holy Infant; for this, the king ordered him to tell where the Child was, saying that he allegedly wanted to worship Him. The treacherous ruler was most afraid of losing power, so he decided on such a vile thing.

The canvas depicts the mother of the baby - the Holy Virgin Mary. On her lap She proudly holds her beloved child, carefully clasping His hands. On the face of the Holy one can see a gentle smile testifying to the pride and joy of motherhood. So, Mary and the Baby are the brightest part of the picture, which symbolizes the holiness and divine origin of the Mother and the Baby. Among the expressive sorcerers who surrounded the caring Mother, shrouded in admiration, worship, and prostration before the Most Holy, the Virgin Mary and her child stand out as well with a pronounced calm: bliss and peace seem to fill their hearts.

This biblical story in the canvases of other masters had rather strict requirements, so, frankincense should symbolize the holiness of Christ, myrrh - to predict His death. However, Nikola Poussin decided to approach this task in his own way: instead of a solemn event filled with symbolism, he described the natural joy of the birth of the Baby.

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