Description of the painting by Bartolome Esteban Murillo "Rest on the Flight into Egypt"

Description of the painting by Bartolome Esteban Murillo

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A special feature of the works of the famous artist Murillo is the religious theme, as he wrote at the request and order of the churches. His work is considered the intricacies of measured splendor of compositions about the church with the motives of the church, radiating the joy of everyday life in human life. Reproduction has the following meaning: the baby’s sleep is calm, the mother’s gesture is attentive, which shows care and respect for the baby, her gentle image is serene, the tree casts a shadow and people relax.

Joseph stands not far away and holds the animal, and the curious little God's messengers are afraid to approach, so as not to awaken the little child, they stand, holding near other angels and look at the baby. Murillo did everything in harmony: matching images with a look, soft and smooth rows, warm colors - a woman’s reddish dress is combined with brown Madonna clothes, you can also see a combination of colors with shades of wood, a baby’s pale pink body and a haze that can be seen from distant hillocks . The excellent performance of unpresentable things (skillfully tied knots thrown on their hats made of straw, a bottle, interestingly inserted into an empty pumpkin) demonstrates, in fact, that the artist, like other artists of that period, was simply a master of his craft.

The beautiful painting, which is in the Hermitage, is a pearl from the collection of his work. The drawing is made using the best shades that convey the fullness and beauty of the idea. In the picture you can notice any fine line, any brush stroke of the great artist, as the quality is the most excellent. Looking at such quality work, you can get closer to history and plunge into his work. The breath and spirit of that era is presented in the picture, which demonstrates the sincere attitude and genuine love of the mother towards her child. From work it blows with the warmth of maternal care and the embodiment of all that is beautiful.

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