Description of the painting Tintoretto "The Abduction of Helen"

Description of the painting Tintoretto

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Jacopo Tintoretto's painting “The Abduction of Helen” illustrates the ancient Greek myth of the abduction of beautiful Helen. Tintoretto worked in the late Renaissance, so the myths of ancient times were incredibly popular and were very popular. However, the master decided to transfer those momentous events that took place many centuries ago into his real world. Therefore, in this picture we see the abduction of Helen not in ancient times, but in the 16th century.

The main character of the picture, of course, is Elena. She was considered the most beautiful woman, not only in Greece, but throughout the world. Some called her a goddess, referring to a myth that says that she is the daughter of Zeus himself. The girl is depicted in the lower left corner of the work. Her body does not seem to obey her, so the warriors barbarously took her in their arms and forcefully dragged her aboard the boat. In the eyes of the girl, pain, loss and helplessness are read. She is being taken away from her beloved husband Menelaus and daughter Hermione. It seems that Elena was stolen directly from the royal chambers - she has rich, golden jewelry on her, her hair is neatly braided. But you can’t treat the wife of Tsar Sparta so cruelly: the red cape is very wrinkled, and the snow-white dress has fallen off his shoulders, exposing his chest.

The culprit of this inhuman abduction is Paris, who was subdued by the beauty of Elena. His artist depicted in bright blue and orange clothes. In the hands of a man is a white ribbon. It seems that it is with her that the woman will be connected.

The alternative name of the canvas is “The Battle of Christians with the Turks”. If you start from this name, it becomes clear why many of the men depicted in the picture are dressed in Arabic clothes: long dresses, a turban on their heads.

The foreground of the picture is spelled out in great detail, bright colors prevail. The background is more like a light, fuzzy pattern - all objects merge, showing the insignificance of what is happening outside the boat.

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