Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Flowers in a Vase"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Flower still lifes are always in demand. In the list of works of Renoir there are several paintings dedicated to beautiful compositions with bouquets of flowers. By drawing them, the author tried to convey the beauty of plants, and the color scheme of the picture gives a sense of calm and harmony with nature.

The main element of the picture are flowers placed in a brown jug. The plants alone do not differ in particularly luxurious appearance and variety, but in the aggregate the flowers look simply amazing. Tousled green stems and leaves, the ends of which have light yellow highlights, are the background for flower heads. In the central part, green vegetation is darkened to create a sense of depth of composition. The vegetation is diluted with small white flowers, probably daisies, symbolizing purity and purity.

Near the daisies, yellow flower heads were added, giving the composition liveliness and brightness. In two places, beautiful blue flowers are located, perfectly harmonizing with light plants, however, the combination with bright red poppies is most effective. Poppies in three places of the bouquet are very well placed; their appearance on a dark background adds contrast to the image element. They seem to burn on the canvas, attracting the eye. A duet of red buds with cool blue-blue flowers sets the tone for the entire piece.

The background of the image consists of a combination of dark shades of gray and green. The left corner of the canvas is almost black, however, it shimmers into pale gray towards the right corner. So, the right side of the background is much lighter than the left, which gives an idea of ​​the location of the natural light source. The flowers are placed in a modest brownish jug, standing on a table covered with a pale green tablecloth interspersed with white and green flowers.

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