Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Roses and Lilies”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Roses and Lilies”

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Mikhail Vrubel performed this work on request for interior design and decoration. The remarkable structure of the picturesque and colorful panels, the task of which will be to fill the entire ceiling space.

In this picture, the characteristic features of the gift of Vrubel himself are especially distinguished. Namely, the uniqueness of thinking and the ability to notice beauty in the normally surrounding natural things. Not every person is able to see the beautiful around him. He only looks, but does not notice.

Based on one of the most skillful and popular motifs - Flora's talents, the artist dared to suggest his personal interpretation of this topic.

The images embodied in his life are not only superbly beautiful and real, but they also carry a share of the political meaning that Mother Nature herself presents to us.

And in the background, Vrubel chose not just the usual garden greens, which many artists so loved to depict on his canvases, but he was able to transfer the mysterious heavenly haze in the background, which contains almost no less mysteries and mysteries than the flowers themselves.

The exact display of colors is full of living essence and movement. And the generosity of restrained shades in combination with the technique of transferring small strokes of the master creates in the picture a similarity to a mosaic of valuable pebbles.

The artist makes two discoveries at once. He notices in nature something that no one has seen before, and he conveys all this fantastic beauty in such a way that it seems already real and tangible to the viewer.

Vrubel's loyalty to realism is a symbolic faith for himself. He drew inspiration from natural structures. Basically, these of course were flowers of various types and shades. To bring this painting to life, he took inspiration from roses and lilies.

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