Description of the painting by Giotto Di Bondone "The Last Supper" (1304-1305gg.)

Description of the painting by Giotto Di Bondone

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The painting was painted by the artist from 1304 to 1305. Giotto depicts a special event in Christianity - the Eucharist (Communion), the moment the New Testament was established. Because of the threat from the High Priesthood, the meeting was a secret. The Last Supper is described in all sources of the gospel. With high skill, Di Bondone conveyed the atmosphere of the evening and space. The artist detailed and very subtly painted the interior, the canopy.

Participants in the Sacrament lead an unhurried conversation, sitting at the table. The apostles are depicted on both sides of the table, so that the composition becomes compact, there is an emotional relationship between the participants in the fraternal meal. There is neither food nor wine for communion on the table. The rhythmically complex, but at the same time quite balanced picture is painted in warm tones of yellow-orange and purple. The picture conveys the perfect ratio of proportions and subtle color gradation. The plot of the image is restrained, refined, inherent in religious painting, which is one of the hallmarks of Di Bondone's style.

The image of the Savior is observed on the left, unlike other paintings, where the artist depicts Christ in the center of the plot. A golden halo rises above Jesus' head.

Together with Jesus, his disciples are at the table. Above their heads, black halo are depicted. Each character in the picture is endowed with individual traits.

Giotto clearly understands human anatomy, so every fold is realistically drawn. Realistically modeled forms, the volume of which is formed by highlighting the basic shade. Thus, using chiaroscuro, Giotto conveyed the illusion of a three-dimensional image. For brighter expressiveness, Di Bondone applies brown shading around the eyes.

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