Description of the painting Pablo Picasso "Table in the Cafe"

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso

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In 1912, Pablo Picasso painted a very original picture of A Table in a Cafe (Bottle of Perno). This is a kind of still life of the artist’s favorite drink, which he often depicted in his works, but for the first time on this canvas there was an attempt to portray a bottle of absinthe in the new Cubism style.

During this period of creativity, the famous artist often resorted to an unusual writing technique, in which objects were depicted in the form of small homogeneous details or broken mirrors, without smooth and harmonious structures.
Looking at the picture, we see a small wooden table, which is located in the cafe. On it stands a bottle of feather and next to it is a glass on the leg. These two elements are made in gray-green tones. For the main subjects of still life, our eyes cling to clear letters that make up fragments of words and numbers. The picture is literally saturated with dynamics, exciting the head, like the absinthe that we see on the table.

Pablo Picasso is one of the first founders of cubism. In his work, A Table in a Cafe (Bottle of Perno), he demonstrates that for the perception of an ordinary subject, it is enough to abandon the plausible accepted norms of the image, demonstrating the new possibilities of writing. All elements are depicted as a set of graphic volumetric objects, enclosed with the help of a color palette in one set, forming in our minds a represented object.

After gaining the long-awaited popularity, Pablo Picasso became associated with the audience mainly as the founder of cubism. But the artist was not happy with this state of affairs, because he only wanted to convey his creative thought and the idea of ​​his work in such an unusual way. Painting Table in a cafe (Bottle of feather) has become one of the latest masterpieces of Picasso, written in this unusual style.

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