Description of the painting Taras G. Shevchenko "Bandurist"

Description of the painting Taras G. Shevchenko

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The greatest attention in his work Taras Shevchenko paid to the simple Ukrainian people, their way of life, life, sorrows and joy. The poet and artist conveys the beauty of rural life both in his poems and in his paintings.

In the center of the canvas is a man in a simple rural outfit: a shirt, harem pants and bast shoes. From the hat on his head comes a shadow covering most of his face. The man’s mouth is open, so it becomes clear that he performs the song. In the hands of the main character is a bandura - a Ukrainian folk instrument, beloved by the people of that time. With his fingers, the bandura player plays the strings, and the people around the musician bowed sadly and thoughtfully. It becomes obvious that the song sounds heavy, viscous, it sings about the complex proportion of ordinary people.

Behind a man, a man is depicted with his back leaning on a fence. The head of the listener is bowed, the hands support the head, and the main body weight falls on the cane. The listener is depicted very sad, it seems that in this song plays what worries his heart day by day. Behind the fence, in the shadow emanating from a lush tree protecting the listeners from the scorching rays of the sun, two more figures are depicted: men and women.

They also came in order to listen to the sad song of the bandura player. The woman's face expresses sadness, and the man beside her also leaned thoughtfully. The song that plays is inaccessible to the viewer of the picture, however, it becomes apparent that the song is full of sorrows affecting every person listening to it. So, all these people are united by one grief, one sadness, one disturbing thought.

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