Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Mountain of Five Treasures”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Mountain of Five Treasures”

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Nicholas Roerich is one of the best landscape painters of all time. Most of all he was always attracted to the mountains. He believed that it was in them that our salvation and our future. This undisguised admiration for the creations of nature and captured the master on canvas.

The name of the picture is a reference to an ancient Indian legend. It is believed that when there is no food or water left on our planet, these mountains will save us. They will feed us, give us a drink. But their food will be invisible, intangible. The majestic mountains can satisfy our spiritual hunger. They, as teachers, will reveal to us all secrets, make us think. This food is enough for us people to continue living. Roerich for a long time studied the philosophy of the eastern countries, so for him these mountains are of particular importance. He truly believed in their magical powers.

The second name of the picture is “Two Worlds”. What worlds are we talking about? Most likely, the author of the work speaks of a spiritual and physical world. Mountains embody both of these worlds. Their body shell is unshakable centuries-old rocks. It is this world that is revealed to an ignorant person at the sight of mountains. The spiritual world of the Himalayas is hidden from people. They hide inside themselves the history of mankind, the history of our planet. When you look at them, you involuntarily start thinking about the future, about life. Apparently, this is the spiritual component of the mountains. The master managed to convey these two worlds only with a brush and paints.

In this picture, Roerich depicted Kanchenjunga Mountain - previously considered the highest point on the planet. Thousands of pilgrims and travelers come to these mountains. One of them was Roerich. The artist uses cold colors in his work. In the foreground is a dense fog that lays in stripes on a mountain range. At the back are mountains. They are like blocks of ice cutting a foggy curtain and appear before us in all majestic beauty.

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