Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov “Family Portrait”

Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov “Family Portrait”

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The painting "Family Portrait" was painted by Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov in 1934.

It depicts in a calm and homely atmosphere all the members of the artist, including himself. This picture was not intended for a wide audience of viewers. It conveys the family well-being of the artist, the closeness of his relatives. And fully conveys a simple sunny day of country rest.

The picture is full of bright colors and accents from his other works, already familiar to Gerasimov's still lifes: a lush bouquet of roses, an oval mahogany table and silver service.

A lush bouquet of roses in the center of the table immediately attracts the attention of the viewer with the large size of the buds and a combination of different colors. The bouquet is collected a little at random, the flowers are not lined up in a clear floral arrangement, which indicates the country origin of these flowers. Their trunks retained their green foliage, and it seemed to flow into a single whole with the background of the picture. The whole background is dotted with numerous and varied foliage, they seem to cover a summer cottage terrace with the whole family as a dome. An umbrella in the hands of a representative of the older generation supports the dome of foliage and the family, as if shrouded in this green shawl.

Tea service on a tray indicates tea drinking in the fresh air. The artist’s wife, pictured with a tea cup in his hand, supports this. The daughter is depicted with a certain note of longing and doom. Her pouty lips and slightly inclined head clearly convey this.

The artist himself is depicted confidently and frankly. Demonstrating family well-being, he is full of pride with a certain note of complacency.

Today, the painting by A. M. Gerasimov “Family Portrait” is in the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.

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