Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "View of Moscow from the Sparrow Hills"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Created in 1848, materials: canvas, oil; size: oval inscribed in a rectangle 40 by 51 cm. It is stored in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The painting depicts a rather rare theme for Ilya Konstantinovich - the city landscape. It is made in his favorite romantic style, but with a great deal of naivety, especially when creating idealized images of peasants dressed in traditional Russian outfits: on a standing man there is a belted long braid, on women white shirts and sundresses, a scarf and a red kokoshnik. There is every reason to believe that the technique of staffing, a picturesque move, when people or animals are added to the canvas not as main characters, but to create certain effects, is used. For example, the scope and depth of the perspective are so emphasized here. It is believed that the master timed this and another similar creation to hold his personal exhibitions in the capital.

The landscape panorama shows what kind of view was opened from the Sparrow Hills located on the right bank of the Moscow River in the 19th century. even before the large-scale construction of buildings of Moscow State University, the emergence of a popular viewing platform and the development of the left bank. Nevertheless, the golden-domed and white-stone city is easily recognizable if you follow the bends of the river reflecting the sky and peer more closely into the detailed background - the essence of the whole canvas.

The characteristic style of the master, who was then only twenty-one years old, was just being formed, but nevertheless recognizable in soft and rich in shades of color transitions when writing the sky and light, dissolving in a haze on the horizon of clouds. Gentle pinkish-orange, lemon, bluish-purple paints on the upper half of the canvas and saturated yellowish-brown, grassy and dark green - on the lower one contrast and perfectly combine with each other.

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