Description of the painting Robert Falk Red furniture

Description of the painting Robert Falk Red furniture

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Furniture in red covers. A bottle on the table, which received a huge image with the play of shadows. Tablecloth, thrown on the table. And a lot of black disturbing shadows scattered in space. Red covers create uncertainty - it is unclear what kind of furniture is under them - what true shape and color are hidden behind this red curtain.

At the first glance at the picture, a feeling of slight anxiety is immediately born. The saturation of red gives rise to this feeling, even though there are no actors in the picture. The impression of anxiety is enhanced by the temperament of writing the picture - emotion, a certain tension of the shadows and their trembling.

The artist painted this picture in a very difficult period for him. Apparently this confused state of mind was reflected on the canvas. It is not for nothing that the red wardrobe of the sofa along with the game of black shadows creates the effect of the presence of a human face, which is trying to escape from this red anxious trap.

The desire for deliverance, the desire to free oneself from this red cover. And the trajectory of the aspiration of the face is also noteworthy - it is absolutely opposite to the table standing in the center of the furniture composition and diverts the viewer's attention from the bottle standing on the table as a bait for getting out of complex emotional throwings. The bottle on the table is depicted without a glass, as a measure of the dose that can lull and fog the brain rushing in search of a way out.

Also enhances the feeling of tension and uncertainty is the table in the center of the room. A black table and a white tablecloth thrown over it, with a clear border of color, expresses the absolute opposite and at the same time the unity of opposites.

Well, if you link together the whole feeling of the picture, then it seems like a big agit poster against drinking. The table, covered with a white tablecloth, but with the appearance of a bottle on it, the tablecloth is on the side.

This suggests that when internal alarms exit the bottle, everything beautiful will disappear from the environment and only blackness will remain, from which it will be difficult to find a way out. A man will strive to escape from this disturbing and frightening reality saturated with red wine pairs, but he will be held there by red power, like a cover on a sofa that does not allow his face to break free.

Red furniture is a warning picture. The picture is a call to renounce alcoholism. There is a way out, but it is on the other side, and incredible efforts are needed to find it.

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