Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin Apiary in the forest

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin Apiary in the forest

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Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin throughout his entire creative life was deeply immersed not only in nature by itself. His main task was to convey the human relationship with her.

One of the examples of such a reunion with nature is a painting by the artist "Apiary in the forest." After all, a farmer collecting honey in a forest apiary is a wonderful subject to study and convey this relationship. It can be seen that the painter perfectly understands how ordinary people live, akin to the nature that feeds them.

The main thing in this picture is nature. The picture is completely surrounded by trees, and a calm little rivulet flows in the foreground, along the edges of which there is untidy grass. Thatched houses are visible in the background. Probably a peasant lives here next to the apiary.

The hero of the picture is an old gray-haired man with a beard, dressed in a canvas shirt, simple trousers and bast shoes. It is evident that collecting honey for him is a habitual and even routine matter. With a calm measured gait, he goes towards the hive.

The painting depicts seven beehives extending deep into the forest with a pearl chain. Despite the feeling of calm and silence that this piece evokes, the picture is quite dynamic. It seems like the old man is about to move and go to collect honey, moving from one hive to another. The birds singing, the chirping of grasshoppers and the rustling of tree branches in a light warm wind are imagined.

It is worth noting the tones that Shishkin used to work on his creation. To convey the hot weather, the artist chose muted yellow shades. They depicted the earth and shaded leaves and trees burnt in the sun.

The sky deserves special attention. Although it is covered by clouds with small gaps of blue, it is clear that the weather is hot and sunny. The artist managed to convey a light breeze with the help of a slight, barely noticeable slope of grass and trees.

In general, the picture fits perfectly into the work of the ingenious Russian landscape painter Ivan Shishkin. But from many of his works, “Apiary in the Forest” differs precisely in the image of a man living in a virgin, almost untouched nature.

In part, man adjusts nature to his own needs, but for the most part he himself submits to it and becomes its integral part. This is especially valuable for this work of the great Russian landscape master, who with such love conveys the beauty of his native nature in his paintings.

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